Round 2 – Pukekohe Park

4th of October saw the team all head to Pukekohe Park.

On the day we had cars in the 2k cup, Production Race Series and the Ssanayong.

The feature for us was Nik in the Ssanyong. Nik partners up with the Creme Team and what a battle it was.  The Creme team did well with Adam Carpenter taking out the first race and Mark Mallard the second and our own Nik Lowndes 3rd in the finale. The racing was very competitive but also a little loose. these trucks race tight but smart with door handle racing the norm but this time there was a lot more closing the door on fellow competitors and leaving them stranded with no where to go than ever before, something for the event organizer’s to ponder as we don’t want wrecked ute’s and no one left by round 5.

We are very proud of Nik’s results as he struggles on new tyre’s so now the edges are off he is will be hot for a good result at the end of November.

2kcup was fast with the one field this season adding to the spirit of the event. Mathew did well after a long break as did Alan who was posting his best times. Chris and Nick battled with each other all day and also had a great time particularly in race 1.


Chris had his DC2 there with the production race series and was thrilled at how it went after it had a gearbox and Cv rebuild. The chance to use the long strait comes rarely so the car was getting to some good speeds too. the handling has been improved dramatically.

Next meeting for the team is the B+H at labour weekend.