Gibson/Booth bring it home at Levels with a class win !

Andrew Gibson and Paul Booth returned to the winners podium in Timaru for round 2 of the SI Endurance Series.

After a disappointing DNF in Cromwell the team were keen to do well at their home track and do well they did beating some faster cars with much more experienced drivers and bigger budgets.

When asked for comment Andrew said , “the class win was what we wanted but to end up 5th overall , we are stoked”

2kCup at Hampton Downs

I had been joking with Liam Lawsons dad Jared for the last 2 years about Liam doing some racing with us in our enduro events and one thing or another the timing wasn’t there. I am sure at times he was tempted but F3 narrowly wins over grassroots racing most times so it never happened until I happened to hear Liam was home and board of being isolation so i took my opportunity and asked again and next minute we are doing a seat fitting at Pakuranga  Auto and sitting with potentially NZs next F1 star all the time trying to convince him our Levin had the goods.

Friday came and we signed up for a Hampton Downs test day. Liam was on the track pretty early getting his head around the car and learning its brakes etc. I had secretly signed up Jared for the test day as well and had arranged for another car to be there and for the first time father and son got to be on the track together. It was good to see them having some fun in a social environment as the track can be a stressful place when there is a lot at stake.


Saturday came and Liam went out and qualified 18th for race one. Every 2kCup expert was there and had all bought their A Game. Liam finished a very respectable 8th with only the best of the best 2kcuppers in front of him.

Nik Lowndes had decided to stay in AKL for the weekend after testing our Ssanyong on Friday so he jumped in the DC5 and after I had qualified it at the rear Nik got to 29th which was quite astounding.

At the lunch break we had organized for Liam to take his folks and friends for a ride. There was some very white knuckle co drivers, particularly his mother who had challenged herself to do it but I’m sure was second guessing her decision all the way round . What was super cool was Liam took Greg Stevens for a ride. Greg is a volunteer Marshall and without Greg and his fellow marshall’s we couldn’t race, ever. Greg was over the moon.


We had to concede our car the Levin wasn’t  the fastest so Mark Mallard offered to swap his highly specked Levin to give Liam a fighting chance of being on the podium for the day.

Liam didn’t disappoint and Mr consistent drove so well, even doing a 1:20.5 a full half second faster than what Mark had ever done in the car and Marks no slug. Liam came in first with Karl Gaines and Graham Ball 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Both Karl and Graham were stoked to be there with Liam and imagine the better work stories they can tell when Liam makes F1 in 2 years time!


It was great to have Liam and his family involved. the 2kCup family were all grateful and fully appreciated Liam giving up his time for no reward. I would personally like to thank Liam for being so approachable, talking to my friends and their families too even taking time to talk to Peter Sprague’s boys in Timaru on the phone who are both mad keen fans and follow Liam.  Fingers crossed they will be back with us at 24red in January in the production series driving together.

B+H Racing Series Labour Weekend 2020

What a day the Sunday of Labour Weekend was for the team at 24 red racing starting with our supporter turnout. It seemed there was a sea of red out watching and the drivers all made mention of it as they were circulating.


After blistering session Adam qualified car #24 the dc2 , 2nd overall in the Store Rite 100!  Driving hard, he ran between 2 and 4th all race and was the first to take the checkered flag at the line but was announced second after the winning car was able to limp out of the pits and cross the line.


Car # 139 1st in class 0-1600cc and 3rd overall in the Fleet Line 500 – these guys were driving hard all day and had the Levin buzzing. Quick driver changes as well as much improved fuel stops from last year saw this car in contention from the 3-hour mark.  Well done to Nick, Alan, Mathew and Warren.

Car # 24 2nd in class 1600-2000cc and 5th overall in the Fleet Line 500 – consistent lap times saw these guys be there or there abouts all day long. Partnered with their own race engineer, Gareth these guys were hot to watch,

Fantastic effort thanks for making the trip Mark and Peter and Ole mate Gareth.

Round 2 – Pukekohe Park

4th of October saw the team all head to Pukekohe Park.

On the day we had cars in the 2k cup, Production Race Series and the Ssanayong.

The feature for us was Nik in the Ssanyong. Nik partners up with the Creme Team and what a battle it was.  The Creme team did well with Adam Carpenter taking out the first race and Mark Mallard the second and our own Nik Lowndes 3rd in the finale. The racing was very competitive but also a little loose. these trucks race tight but smart with door handle racing the norm but this time there was a lot more closing the door on fellow competitors and leaving them stranded with no where to go than ever before, something for the event organizer’s to ponder as we don’t want wrecked ute’s and no one left by round 5.

We are very proud of Nik’s results as he struggles on new tyre’s so now the edges are off he is will be hot for a good result at the end of November.

2kcup was fast with the one field this season adding to the spirit of the event. Mathew did well after a long break as did Alan who was posting his best times. Chris and Nick battled with each other all day and also had a great time particularly in race 1.


Chris had his DC2 there with the production race series and was thrilled at how it went after it had a gearbox and Cv rebuild. The chance to use the long strait comes rarely so the car was getting to some good speeds too. the handling has been improved dramatically.

Next meeting for the team is the B+H at labour weekend.




Round 1 Hampton Downs 13 September

The 13th of September saw our 2kcup campaign kick off for real. With govt restrictions still on, our series promoters worked extremely hard leading up to the weekend to give us a meeting that was not only Motorsport compliant but also govt compliant and achieved in 6 days what would normally take 14.

We ran on the smaller track at Hampton’ Downs that is used to turn the main track into the international track or for the drifters and what a handful that was.  Its not often your wheel is ever pointing straight and if it is its usually during under steer !

It was Nicks first proper race meeting and once he got to grips with the car proved he was very capable and got quicker every race and him and I had a great battle in the second race right to the end. Skippy qualified in his new number  #33 in the fast group and was going well till he received some steering damage to his car and had to pull out.

I had some great battles too in my DC5 and I am pleased to report it went great for its first outing in a race since it was built. It has plenty of pace left in it and I am excited about getting onto Puke in it in 3 weeks time.

It was a great day for most and we at 24redracing would like to thank Mark, Carl and James and all the helpers that allowed us to be the first race meeting held in the North Island post covid.


Test day Saturday September 5


Great opportunity for Nik to try and set the ute up the way he wants it. Remembering Nik lives in Wlg and he was at Hampton downs at 7-30am on Saturday morning after driving to Taupo after work Friday and getting up at 4am and driving through – great commitment Nik.

Nik was posting some good times towards the end of the day once he got the handle of the ute and the new tyres. He was doing 1-29s , so he is on the money.

As well as the ute we took the DC2 and Skippy had it going good before it got a gear box issue. All the other work done to it this year is paying off .

Fingers and everything else crossed we are racing next weekend.


New Date 13th September

It was announced this morning that the Auckland Car Club are running round 1 at Hampton Downs on the 13th. There were a lot of phone calls going back and forth as everyone is very excited.

Picked up the ute this morning too and its looking great.


Season 20/21 for 24redracing

The season starts proper at the end of August.

This is the first year of 24redracing so the team is very excited about the road in front of us.

It was supposed to anyway till Jacinda said NO!

Below are the scheduled series we plan to run in.

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