Test day Saturday September 5


Great opportunity for Nik to try and set the ute up the way he wants it. Remembering Nik lives in Wlg and he was at Hampton downs at 7-30am on Saturday morning after driving to Taupo after work Friday and getting up at 4am and driving through – great commitment Nik.

Nik was posting some good times towards the end of the day once he got the handle of the ute and the new tyres. He was doing 1-29s , so he is on the money.

As well as the ute we took the DC2 and Skippy had it going good before it got a gear box issue. All the other work done to it this year is paying off .

Fingers and everything else crossed we are racing next weekend.


Season 20/21 for 24redracing

The season starts proper at the end of August.

This is the first year of 24redracing so the team is very excited about the road in front of us.

It was supposed to anyway till Jacinda said NO!

Below are the scheduled series we plan to run in.

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